Steps for Replacing iPhone 5c Screen

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When something bad happens to your iPhone 5c screen, you may need to know about steps for replacing iPhone 5c screen. Although there are so many iPhone repair places you can visit, but replacing iPhone 5c screen by yourself is more recommended. Why? It is because you can do it easily, and avoid repair place that offers high cost. How to replace iPhone 5c? Find the steps by reading this information until finish.

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How to Replace iPhone 5c Screen

Before replacing your iPhone 5c screen, make sure you have bought a new iPhone 5c screen from trusted store. Nowadays, there are so many stores that sell imitation screen that may cause bad effect to your iPhone after replacement process. To avoid it, you can choose a store that has been visited by so many customers. Or, you can choose a store which has good rating. The point is, you have to buy original iPhone 5c screen to replace your iPhone 5c screen. After that, you can follow the steps below:

  • Power off your iPhone 5c

It is the first step you have to do. Without turning off iPhone 5c, it will cause bad effect to your iPhone. Just hold down the power button, and then slide to power off. After that, you can do the next step.

  • Remove the Dock Screws

Using 5-point security screwdriver, you can remove the dock screws. There are two dock screws that sit on each side of dock connector. Those screws secure iPhone 5c screen to its frame.

  • Remove the Old iPhone 5c Screen

After removing dock screws, you can remove old screen using cup suction. Place the suction cup above home button, and gently pull upwards. Use your nail to pull the side of screen.  After that, you will find 4 screws behind screen. Use #000 screwdriver to remove them. You will find shield, remove it aside. Using spudger tool, remove three cables you find behind the screen. After that, you can remove the old screen.

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  • Replace the Old iPhone 5c Screen

After removing three cables and screen, attach three cables to a new iPhone 5c screen. After that, replace the shield and four screws that have been removed. And then, gently lay down the screen on the right place.

  • Replace the Dock Screws

Using security screwdriver, you can replace two dock screws on either side of dock.

  • Test the New Display

After replacing iPhone 5c screen, you can turn on your iPhone 5c. After that, test the display—whether all of your iPhone functions work well or not. For example, you can check earpiece function front camera, and other function to check your iPhone 5c screen condition.

Tips for You

Many people replace iPhone 5c screen because of some condition, such as broken, dead spot, and many more. To avoid replacing iPhone 5c, you are better to do some tips. There are so many preventive activities to prevent broken iPhone 5c.

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To keep your iPhone 5c, make sure you always touch your iPhone 5c screen gently. Don’t use your nail to touch it. You are also not allowed to use other thing for touching the screen because it can cause bad effect, such as broken iPhone 5c screen.

Routinely clean your iPhone 5c is also recommended to keep your iPhone 5c. Use a soft cloth to clean your iPhone. It is a good way to keep your iPhone 5c screen. As we know that dust can contact with iPhone 5c, and it can make the screen looks so dull. By cleaning it routinely, you will have clean iPhone 5c every time.

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Other tip for you is keeping away your iPhone from hard goods and sun rays. When you place your iPhone 5c on your pocket, make sure there is not hard good in your pocket that will broke your iPhone 5c screen. Keep away iPhone 5c from sun ray is also recommended because sun ray can make your iPhone 5c becomes dull and broke.

Well, those are some information for you about replacing iPhone 5c. You can use the steps above to replace your iPhone 5c screen easily. Finally, hopefully the steps for replacing iPhone 5c screen above are useful for you.

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