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It can be quite annoying if our iPhone screen is damage or broken. Sometimes we are confused how to deal with it first. There is a question that is asked a lot in many iPhone screen repair San Diego. That question is mostly about the expensive price when we repair our iPhone screen. And many customers ask the workmanship to replace the LCD only to reduce the cost. Besides it is about the cost, many competitors of repair shops offer to repair the glass only. Asking opinion about this matter from the highest quality workmanship, in today’s article we will share your information why you shouldn’t repair the glass only.

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The reasons why you shouldn’t repair the glass only

This list will provide you the reasons why it is better for you to repair the whole screen and not repair the glass only. Those reasons are including:

  • If you repair the glass only, there is a high probability that you will loss the sensitivity of your touch screen which is very important in order to make your device runs smoothly
  • If you are one of the customers that have attempted repair for the glass only before at another repair shop, sometimes there will be bubbles or dust under your screen. The digitizer or glass will be loose from your screen discoloration in the quality’s picture and also loss sensitivity on the touch
  • Actually, most cases of glass only repair uses an old digitizer assembly screen or LCD that has been refurbished the repair shop. The quality is not the same as refurbished screen from Apple Store manufacturer. And because of this reason, many customers complain about bubbles or dust under the screen, functionality and discoloration in their iPhone LCD
  • High quality repair shops had stopped the offer of glass only repair since they realized that the outcomes were sub-par
  • High quality repair shops don’t trust in selling fast solutions like iPhone glass only repair
  • High quality repair shops will offer you a professional, cheap and quick repair for iPhone and never sacrifice the quality to give cheap service to customers.

If you are a skeptical person who wants to try everything by yourself including repair your iPhone screen, we will show you the tips related to replace your damaged screen with less effort. It will not only make the repairing process more feasible but also it can save a lot of your time. So, if you like going through a DIY experience, you have to try this challenge to repair your damaged iPhone screen.

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The difference between DIY iPhone screen repair and get repaired by the workmanship

Many of DIY method in repairing damaged iPhone screen mostly used traditional method. And the difference between DIY repair and get repaired by the workmanship sometimes is about the type of replacement display you need to buy. There are a lot of tech shops that offer iPhone display along with its small parts which already pre-installed. This list contains of additional parts that already inside the phone and you don’t have to transfer any of them. They are including:

  • Home button bracket
  • Home button flex
  • Home button bracket
  • Home button with rubber gasket
  • Earpiece speaker
  • Earpiece bracket
  • LCD shield plate
  • Front camera
  • Front camera with induction flex cable assembly

Get discounts for parts and tools

Even though there many parts and tools suppliers in your town, they are not same with each other. If you go for DIY iPhone screen repair, it is strongly recommended to use a supplier that is specialized in iPhone parts and tools only especially if it offers you a warranty. It will give you an ease if there are some parts or tools that don’t work properly. If you want something that is more practical, you can buy iPhone parts and tools you need online. You only need to find the right online supplier by considering the customers’ reviews and what they can offer to you. Sometimes shopping online can be cheaper too including the shipping cost. Make sure that after you have all you need, you watch a video tutorial first and then prepare the instruction steps to guide you fixing your iPhone screen safely and effectively.

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But if you want your iPhone get handled by the pro, it is time for you to look for the highest quality of iPhone screen repair San Diego. You can find it through the internet or simply ask your relatives or neighbors if they have any recommendation.

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