iPhone Bundling and Data Plan from Cricket Wireless

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Cricket Wireless is one of the best internet providers in the world. There are choices of Cricket Smartphone bundling you can buy. Does Cricket have iPhones? Yes, of course. This internet provider offers you with several selections of iPhone bundles along with other popular Smartphone brands. Therefore, you can purchase your favorite iPhone model easily.

does cricket have iphones

Reasons to choose Cricket iPhone Bundling

There are several advantages that you’ll get from buying iPhone bundle from cricket. Here are some of them.

–          Pay-As-You-Go feature

Cricket offers you with four types of plans. However, they understand that you may run out of your data plan before the month is up. To solve this problem, they provide you with pay-as-you-go data. This feature allows you to have additional data at affordable cost. You can choose to buy this additional plan only one time or make it as a monthly purchase.

–          Unlimited data usage

For heavy data users, Cricket offers unlimited data plan. The price of this plan is pretty affordable. With this plan, you can browse the internet freely at high speed internet connection. However, you must be aware that there is a consequence once you used more than 22GB. If you have reached this limit, your internet speed will be reduced.

–          Excellent upload speed

For you who often uploading photos and video on social media, Cricket is perfect for you. This internet provider offers fast upload speed. Its upload speed is faster than other upload speed from different providers.

does cricket have iphones now

Cricket data plans

Before you purchase an iPhone bundling from this internet provider, you must learn about the data plans it offer. Therefore, you will not be disappointed when purchasing the monthly data plan. Here are the four data plans you can choose.

–          1 GB data plan

This monthly data plan is perfect for you who have low data need. The cost of this data plan is only $30 per month. This high speed internet data has limited feature though.

–          Basic data plan

This monthly data plan cost $40 per month. But, you can get it at $35 per month if you use Auto Pay credit. With this plan, you can get 4GB high speed internet connection.

–          Smart data plan

If you need more data, you can choose Smart data plan. This $50 plan will allow you to have 8GB high-speed internet data. This data plan includes nationwide talk and text plus international testing. If you want to get it at lower price, you must use Auto Pay credit.

–          Unlimited data plan

If you want to browse the internet, you can buy Cricket unlimited data plan. The price of this plan is $60 per month or $55 per month with Auto Pay credit.

iPhone bundles from Cricket

There are many choices of iPhone bundles you can buy from Cricket wireless. If you want the latest iPhone, you can purchase iPhone 7. This internet provider offers you with iPhone 7 32GB and iPhone 7 128 GB. Those Smartphones are sold in competitive price. If you want an iPhone with larger screen, you can get iPhone 7 Plus bundles from Cricket. This particular Smartphone bundles are also available in two choices of storage size.

does cricket have iphone 6

For you who can afford the latest iPhone, Cricket wireless also offers you with older iPhone models. It offers iPhone SE 32GB and iPhone 6 32 GB. Those models are sold between $200 and $300.

Other Smartphone bundles from Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless has wide arrays of Smartphone bundles. You can look popular mobile phone such as Samsung and LG. You can get them that cost less than $100. However, Cricket also offers expensive and premium Samsung and LG mobile phones. For you who are on budget, this internet provider sells low-cost mobile phones such as ZTE and Alcatel.

Now, Cricket is only available in 6 states. However, there is a possibility that it will expand its business in other states. Getting data plan from this company will allow you to browse the internet at reasonable price. If you want to get the plan at more affordable price, this internet provider offers you Group Save Discount. With this feature, you can get $10 discount if you add more lines in your account. Browsing the internet with Cricket will enable you to browse the internet at 4G LTE speed. Now, you know the answer for the question of does Cricket have iPhone

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