The Best Advice before You Go to IPhone Screen Repair Austin

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Are you looking for iPhone screen repair Austin to repair your cracked iPhone screen? Well, having cracked screen is indeed a common issue that most phone users experience. This article will guide you what you need to do when you have a broken or damaged iPhone screen. In here, you will learn about the replacement process of broken iPhone screen and use your warranty without having further damage of yourself and your device.

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Do not lose hope when your screen of your iPhone is broken. Apple Company makes that issue very easy related to replacement of broken screen as long as you do the proper way. Let’s check the best advice from one of the retirement Apple workers before you find reparation store in Austin.

Check the status of your warranty

In order to check your warranty status, you can go directly to Apple’s warranty checker. There are probably three results which are:

  • Covered by AppleCare+
  • 1styear manufacture warranty
  • Out of warranty

Please be informed that if you out of warranty, you are still be able to have a replacement at any Apple Store. You should hand it over to Apple to handle your iPhone. So, you don’t need to freak out.

Do backup

If it is possible, you should backup your device. You should backup either your iCloud or iTunes. So, if it is necessary to replace your device, you can still have your data and photos back again in your new device later. Ways to backup your iTunes are in several steps. The first one is that you need to plug in your iPhone to a Mac or PC when iTunes installed already. After that, choose “Backup” when it appears on the screen. The secret tip is you don’t need to enter your password one more time when you encrypt your backup.  Remember that, you won’t get your data and information again if you cannot remember the encryption password.

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Meanwhile, to backup to iCloud, you should go to Setting and then iCloud and choose Storage and Backup for iOS 7 or Backup for iOS 8. After that you can press “Backup Now”. You can buy more storage in iCloud if you don’t have enough storage. This is the most recommended thing you should do. The most important thing is that Apple may replace your device like brand new, but it can’t give your memories or photos again.

Let Apple repair it

Another best advice you should take is that don’t let mall kiosk or any other places repair your broken screen. Apple is the number one place you should go to for replacing your device. The cost of the maintenance in Apple is affordable meanwhile maintaining the status of your current warranty. Apple will give your new device a 90 day warranty if you are out of warranty. How amazing is that?

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Since you don’t know what you are doing, don’t even try to repair a broken iPhone screen. You can even die if there is technical problem. Apple Company doesn’t protect the battery with a protective shell. It aims to save room inside of it. If you accidentally puncture or dent your iPhone battery, it can burst into flames and hurt you. It can even produce poisonous gas into your room. When lithium-Ion batteries are disturbed, they can be volatile. When you try to replace your iPhone screen, you can literally injure yourself, burn down your house and even die.

Send an email to AppleCare

If there is no Apple Store nearby your area, you can do another way without driving your car miles away just to go there. There is available help for you to let Apple replace your device. First, you need to set up a repair of mail-in through AppleCare. In order to do that, you can simply call them by looking at the number on their official website or just simply go to their website. The support section in their website is incredible to help and respond their customers with different problems. It is highly recommended to go that section to get more information.

So, do you still need to find iPhone screen repair Austin? When your iPhone screen is cracked or broken, there is no better way than the company of your phone fixes it. Now, there are considerations you should think and take all of these advices with you. Good luck!

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