3 Questions You Need to Ask in Places that Fix iPhone Screens for Cheap

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IPhone is one of famous brands of mobile phone in the world. Many people own it as it can give so many ease and bunch of interesting apps. But, having an iPhone sometimes we face several issues and errors. One of the common issues is cracked iPhone screen. This is number one reason why our iPhone is getting repaired. The first thing that may come up in our mind is that we should look for places that fix iPhone screens for cheap. When it is getting repaired, many iPhone users are unaware how important it is to ask questions related to the issue in order to be more informed. So, we don’t just give iPhone to be repaired just like that, but we know the process and have certainty it will not happen again.

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The reason why it happens

Since its portable nature and size of the iPhone, it is about time before this inevitable issue like cracked screen happens. As the screen of an iPhone is only made of glass, whatever cracks can leave marks and dangerous sharp lines that can cause the users get injured. It is only matters of time that the cracks will get worse and worse. The good idea is to cover the cracked screen with transparent sellotape in order to cover and protect it from your fingers. By doing this, you will protect the glass too from falling out.

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Many people assume that the phone still can be used like nothing happen and works even though the glass is cracked. In fact, in the manufacturing process, the screen (which aims to show the LCD or images) and the digitizer or the glass are bonded all together. So the conclusion is if one of those components is broken or damage, both LCD and the glass should be repaired or even replaced together at the same time. The good news about this “bonding” is that you won’t have an issue with dirt or dust found between your iPhone screens which are a familiar issue with the repair output in a lot of smartphone devices.

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The repair process

Don’t you want to know about the repair process of damaged screen? Well, this process involves with very careful removal of the broken screen, cleaning inside and outside the phone and re-fitting the component of the new screen that is about to be put. Since there are many components that need to be rid off and re-fitted, your iPhone needs to go through several testing to make sure everything runs perfectly fine. Many users of iPhone sometimes are not aware about what does it take to repair an iPhone screen. Today we will make you a list of several questions which will make you more informed decision to repair cracked iPhone screen

Question 1: You should ask the screen’s quality

This is the number one question you should ask. The better quality that the screen has, the more long-lasting it will be. Don’t get tempted by cheap price of imitation iPhone screens that you find either in the market or online. They maybe work perfectly at first, but they will be less durable and easier to crack even though you handle it with care. Another problem about imitation iPhone screen is the possibility for the LCD to stop working after several months. If you determine to keep your beloved iPhone in a longer time, you shouldn’t repair it with the cheap screen that will make you end up spend a lot of money to repair a future damage. Find the high quality of iPhone screen that has already tested for more durable reliability.

Question 2: You should know about the testing

Another important question you should ask is about the testing of your device. In every repair, there should be a testing procedure. It will make sure that every phone is going to return has been checked by the professional staffs in places that fix iPhone screens for cheap you go to. They will check whether the device has worked in order like brand new. If you need a complete checklist, don’t hesitate to ask.

Question 3: You should ask about the warranty

Depends on each service center, usually it gives you 90 day of warranty. But considering the cost you spend, you should look for at least 12 months warranty. Don’t forget to ask this question before you receive your iPhone back from the service center.

We hope that it will make you realize that repair your iPhone also needs several checks and questions to finally decide a good service center. Good luck!

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