5 Easy Ways on Handling Iphone Data Recovery Water Damage

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Iphone data recovery water damage is often done to recover the lost data due to water damage. Sometimes you drop your iphone in the bathroom or anywhere. Luckily, your iphone is still well. But, how does your iphone suddently get broken or damage after falling it down in the water? It is so terrible. You shouldn’t get worried about this problem. You can recover your data by yourself or ask for the experts.

iphone data recovery water damage

Checking Iphone Seriously Damaged or Not

There are some things to do when iphone fell down in the water. Off course, it is getting a huge problem to you. It is like a gambling. Perhaps, your iphone can be damage or not. Make sure that you will have checked it first whether it is seriously damaged or not. If you’re not sure about it, you can check it by yourself by observing indicator of your iphone. When your iphone gets water, there is a red spot above it. If there is not red spot, it is not damaged by water. Remember to turn off iphone when you want to check indicator.
Applying Iphone Data Backup with iTunes

After you have check the damage of iphone, try to do the next way on repairing iphone data recovery water damage. It is the time to repair iphone first. Firstly, turning off iphone. When you found that iphone gets water damage, it is surely not able to use again. Your iphone usually gets hot and finally damage. To avoid this case, turn it off quickly. Secondly, dry your iphone naturally. Water damage generally makes your iphone wet. You should dry it naturally. Don’t dry it with hairdryer or the other external dryers. Why? It is caused that it is forcing the water moving inside of iphone engine. You may put iphone in the bowl of rice for days to dry it.

iphone 5s data recovery after water damage

The use of iTunes can backup data due to water damage. Backup iphone data with this software. It is very important to backup your iphone while it is being dryed. You can backup it by using iTunes. To do those ways, you may read the guidance. Iphone data backup with iTunes requires to connect iphone and run iTunes. Then, click in the right part of iphone. Choose the name of backup. Itunes is able to backup your iPhone data in few minutes only.

Recovering Data Directly from Iphone

This becomes the next method on recovering iphone data water damage. The first stage of this method is connecting your iphone to personal computer or notebook. Then, scan it. Download and install dr.fone to your computer. Run the program and you’ll see a windows menu. Attach iphone and select data recovery. It is enough yo click Start to scan it. The second way is previewing and recovering data from iphone. When the scanning ends, you can give time to preview and check it. Then, select an item to recover and put a tick on the black box. Click recover to save data to your computer.

iphone 3gs water damage data recovery

Taking Data from iCloud

How do you take removed data from backup of iCloud. To recover private information from iCloud backup, you need to restore whole backup by setting iPhone as the new device first. That is the only approach offered by Apple to the users. The first step is running a program of iPhone data recovery and login to iCloud. If you have dr.fone running in computer, enter to Recover from iCloud Backup File on the top of dashboard windows. Then, the program will display windows to login in Apple ID. Make sure that dr.fone have regarded your privacy. Download and scan iCloud backup to get data in it. After entering, it is automatically finding all backup files in iCloud account. Lastly, preview and recover information for youriPhone. The scanning spends more times for usually five minutes. After finishing, you can read all found data in iCloud backup. Choose the next step of backup data and save it by clicking Recover button.

iphone 6 data recovery water damage

Using Iphone Data Recovery

The last method is using iPhone data recovery. Just download the software of iPhone data recovery. Then, install and run it. Data Backup with iphone data recovery is easily conducted. It is designed to give satisfying services to the users of iphone. It doesn’t support data recovery but it is able to recover photos, videos, message texts, and many more. Those are several ways on how to handle iphone data recovery water damage.

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