How much is a Used IPhone 5c Worth and Tips to Sell it Successfully

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There is no advanced technology that grows as fast as mobile phone. This device keeps up with humans’ live every single day. A lot of updates and progresses have been making to make our life easier and create the latest model of mobile phone. One of the famous and best-selling brands of mobile phone is iPhone. Many people love this brand because its model, ease, colors, features and apps. Today, the latest iPhone series is iPhone 7. It means if you have the previous series, it will become a little bit out of date especially when you have iPhone 5c. So, if you have a thought to sell your iPhone 5c, then this kind of question will rise in your mind: how much is a used iPhone 5c worth?

how much is a used iphone 5c worth

Luckily, today we will provide you not only the price of your iPhone 5c but also several tips how to sell it successfully. It is really the right time for you to trade the old with the new one right after the latest model hit the shelves. This will article will guide you how to sell your phone with the better price and the estimate price of iPhone 5c. The price usually depends on many factors including the quality of your phone and the others accessories if you still have them complete.

Tips Selling IPhone 5c Successfully

Before you give away or sell your device, it’s important to remove your data and personal information for safety. But, don’t remove them manually! You should delete your calendars, contact, photos, documents, reminders and any others important data iCloud when you already signed in to it using your Apple ID. If you do this, all of your data will be automatically deleted permanently from iCloud servers and any devices that connected to it. You won’t be able to recover them anymore.

how much is a used iphone 5 worth today

Don’t forget to clean up your casing with a damp cloth to make sure there is no more oil, dirt, lint and another stains, fingerprints and debris. It will make your iPhone 5c cleaner and raise the price too. Put them all together nicely in a box and clean it, before you ship it to the seller.

how much is a used iphone 5 worth australia

You can give an edge to sellers if you sell your iPhone 5c complete with 30-pin dock cable, lightning, original box, charger, headphone and AC adapter. It will make your iPhone price a little bit higher because you sell in a complete package.

How to Sign Out from Your Device

Make sure that your device which is iOS 10 or above, has already signed out from iCloud before you start erasing your device. Make sure you follow these following steps in order to do it correctly:

  • Unpair your Apple Watch if you paired your iPhone with it before
  • Make sure your device is already backed up
  • Sign out from App Store, iTunes and iCloud

If your iPhone is in iOS 10.3 or above, go to Settings and tap your name as the start step to sign out. And then scroll down and find Sign Out and tap it. After that, you must enter your Apple ID as well as the password. The last step, tap Turn Off.

how much is a used iphone 5 worth uk

For iPhone with iOS 10.2 or lower, you can tap Settings > iCloud > Sign Out. After that, tap Sign Out one more time and then tap Delete from My Device. Enter your Apple ID as well as the password. The last step is by going to Setting > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID and then tap Sign Out.

  • Back to Setting and then you should tap General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings and wait for a second until the process is complete. Make sure you enter your Apple ID and password if you turn on the feature of Find My iPhone.
  • Enter the Restriction pass code or pass code if your device asks for it. After that tap Erase

Used iPhone 5c Worth

The price for used iPhone 5c may be different from one shop to another. Even the color of your old phone counts even though the difference is only not that far. Meanwhile, the other stores do not mind the color. So, it is up to you which store you go to try selling your iPhone. The range of the price is about $51 to $118. It will become much higher if your phone is unlocked.

We hope that this article will not make you wonder anymore about how much is a used iPhone 5c worth. Good luck!

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