9 Easy Steps of IPhone 5 Charger Port Repair

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Mobile phone is one of important and valuable things in our life. Some people can’t even live without it even just for one day. As we keep using our phone every day, we need to charge it quiet often. It will become a problem if our phone can’t be charged as the battery becomes less and lesser. If you have trouble in charging your iPhone 5, today we will provide you 9 easy steps of iPhone 5 charger port repair. The possibility why you have issue with your charger port is either one of the pins are broker or liquid in your charger port. You can also find out you have a poor dock connector when your iTunes doesn’t connect to your computer even though it is already plugged into. We will guide you how to repair your iPhone by yourself.

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Thing You Need to DIY Repair IPhone 5

Of course, you need some parts and tools in order to do reparation of your charger port successfully. You can go to electronic store in your town to buy these following things:

  • iSesamo opening tool
  • Razor blade
  • Suction cup
  • Standard #000 Phillips Screwdriver
  • 5-point security screwdriver
  • Spudger tool
  • Replacement dock connector

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9 Easy Steps to Repair IPhone 5 Charger Port

Below are the easy and fast 9 steps to repair your charger port easily.

Step 1: Turn off your iPhone 5

This is a very important first step before you start repairing the charger port. You should always power off your iPhone completely. Tap Slide to power off and done! Isn’t it easy?

Step 2: Remove the front screen of your iPhone

  • In order to remove the front screen securely, you need to use security screwdriver
  • After that, you should place the suction cup right above the Home button
  • Pry up from the bottom gently and make sure you don’t pull the whole screen off since the top screen is still attached by few cables. Focus on removing the bottom portion
  • After the screen falls off, you should swing up the iPhone display carefully so you can work on the shield
  • Remove the three screws on it using #000 screwdriver
  • Set the shield aside and be careful to not mix up the screws there
  • Pry up the three cables using your spudger tool to make the display free from the device. Set aside that device.

Step 3: Remove iPhone battery

  • Start this step by removing the two screws by using #000 screwdriver
  • Pry the connector off the board gently by using spudger tool
  • Continue to the hardest part which is removing the battery, use iSesamo opening tool to remove it. Do it with extreme caution in order to prevent any damage to the logic board or puncturing
  • To remove the battery, start from the top left corner.
  • Put the opening tool between the battery and the casing. Lifting it upwards very gently.

Step 4: Remove the connector of lightning dock

  • First, to remove the dock connector shield by using #000 Phillips screwdriver, you have to remove 1 screw which is holding it
  • Use spudger tool to pry up the cable
  • Remove the dock using #000 Phillips screwdriver in order to fall off the seven screws safely
  • Turn your phone around so that you can wedge the flat end gently with the spudger tool between the rear casing and headphone jack
  • Do the same step under the lighting dock
  • When you work on the bottom, until you are able to get the assemble of loud speaker and pry in between the loud speaker and cable
  • Slide the loud speaker out
  • Focus on falling off the cable that holds the lightning dock
  • The assemble of dock now should be free

Step 5: Separate the loud speaker from the dock

Step 6: Replace the connector of the dock

Step 7: Replace the battery

You still need your #000 screwdriver to replace the screws after reconnect the connector for the battery

Step 8: Reconnect the display of the iPhone

Step 9: Test the new dock

After your iPhone 5 is fully assembled the way it was, turn on the power and try to connect to the wall charger. Make sure it charges perfectly!

We hope that these 9 steps of DIY iPhone 5 charger port repair can help you a lot. Good luck!

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