Easy Steps for Replacing iPhone 5 Battery

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If you want to replace your iPhone 5 battery, you may have to know about easy steps for replacing iPhone 5 battery.  Actually, you have to replace battery carefully because wrong step can cause problem. So, how to replace iPhone 5 battery easily? Find the answer below.

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How to Replace iPhone 5 Battery

Before replacing iPhone 5 battery, make sure you have known the signs of damage battery. Yes, people usually want to replace iPhone 5 battery because they think that the battery has been weak and make them feel so frustration to charge it again and again every day. Actually, there are some reasons of why the battery of iPhone 5 becomes weak.

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Actually, iPhone comes as high quality phone with high quality features, include its battery. But, everything in the world will not survive forever. When you use your iPhone for many years, you will find that your iPhone is different from the first performance. It is because some components of iPhone have been damage.

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iPhone 5 battery can be weak because of some reasons. For example is, you have fulfill the limitation. Some phone companies said that a phone battery will be weak after charging for 1000 times. It may also happen to your iPhone. Your iPhone may have been charged for many times, so the battery becomes weak and need to be replaced. Or, there is condition that makes the battery damage. For example, you fall the iPhone accidently until the battery becomes damage and can’t be used anymore. So, how to replace iPhone 5 battery? You can follow the steps below:

  • Make sure you have turned off your iPhone5 before replacing the battery.
  • Open the back casing of your iPhone 5. Open 2 smallest screws which are near with USB port. You have to use special screwdriver that matches with the screws. Do this step carefully because if you touch the wrong element, it may cause problems.
  • After the screws have been removed, you can press the back casing and slideit up to open the back casing.
  • After opening the back casing, you will see 2 screws that protect the battery. Remove it to make you easy when removing battery.
  • Use your nail or thin plastic to remove battery onyour iPhone 5. The battery may be difficult to remove because it attached on iPhone body. So, you have to use your effort to remove it. But, do it carefully.
  • After removing the battery, you can place a new battery. Make sure the battery has been placed properly.
  • If the battery has been installed properly, you can install the screws and install the back casing by sliding the back casing from up to down side.
  • Don’t’ forget to install the screws that you remove in the first step. Charge your new battery when the iPhone in turn off mode. Charge it for 4-5 hours.

Tips for You

Now, you have known the steps to replace iPhone 5 battery. When you have replaced it, make sure you know the tips to avoid damage battery. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • When your battery is full charged, you have to stop the charging process as soon as possible. This tip is so simple, but sometime people ignore it whereas it can make their phone becomes damage.
  • Don’t charge your battery when the battery is 0-20%. For your information, you should charge it when the battery is 50%. It is better to make your battery live longer and durable.
  • Use airplane mode when charging the battery. It will make your battery doesn’t work hard. So, this way can make your battery durable.
  • Don’tuse your iPhone during charging time. It can cause damage to your Phone, especially if you use the iPhone for gaming.
  • Limit Charging Time

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Don’t charge your iPhone battery too often because it can make your battery weak and damage.

Well, those are the information for you about easy steps for replacing iPhone 5 battery. You can use the tips and steps above to replace your iPhone 5 battery easily. Finally, hopefully the information about easy tips for replacing iPhone 5 battery above will be helpful for you.

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