What is iPhone 5c Screen Replacement Cost?

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If you need to replace your iPhone 5c screen, you must know the iPhone 5c screen replacement cost first. Knowing the price will help you set your repairing budget well. It will be very shameful if you don’t bring enough money to pay the screen replacement bill. To avoid this embarrassing situation, you must find out the cost of replacing iPhone 5c screen.

Screen replacement cost for iPhone 5c

The screen replacement cost for iPhone 5c varies between $29 and $129. It is due to several factors. In consequence, you really need to do your research carefully before you go to a service location. Therefore, you can be prepared to pay the repair fee.

iphone 5c screen replacement price uk

There are several things that cause those price variations. One of them is the location. In general, you can choose an official repair service center or unofficial service center. At the official repair center, the cost of repairing the screen can be very affordable if you have Apple Care+ or still have warranty. But, if you don’t have one of those two, you will need to pay a lot of money, i.e. $129. Meanwhile, at the unofficial service center, you will be able to get your iPhone 5c screen for less than $100.  At those locations, you usually will be charged with competitive repair cost.

Another thing that affects the screen replacement cost is whether or not there is other damage. Some of you may think that your iPhone 5c is malfunction because you broke the screen. However, there may be other damage caused by the crash. If there is more damage, you will need to pay more.

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Some of you may be unsure about choosing unofficial or official service center for the iPhone 5c screen replacement. Each of those two locations offers you with different advantages. In addition, both of them are not suitable for everyone.

Getting repair service at unofficial locations

If your device is no longer under warranty, you had better go to unofficial service center to get your broken iPhone screen replaced. It is also perfect for you who don’t have Apple Care+. Getting repair service at this location will allow you to save money. They usually will charge you with much more affordable fee compared to the replacement cost at official location. If you are out of warranty, you will need to pay $149 for this kind of repair. However, you may only be charged with $90 bill at the unofficial repair service center.

iphone 5c screen replacement cost

Unofficial location is most suitable for you who want to get quick repair service. Most unofficial iPhone repair locations offer you with an-hour service for screen replacement. Others can even fix this kind of problem less than an hour. As a result, you can use your iPhone 5c immediately.

If you want to get screen replacement service at unofficial locations, you must be very careful. It is essential for you to make sure that the location has experienced an excellent iPhone technician. In addition, you must also choose one that offers you with warranty after the repair service. Read the reviews and compared the price first before you visit one of those locations.

Getting repair service at official service locations

If you have Apple Care+ or warranty, you had better go to official service locations. One of them is Apple Store. Unfortunately, this official location is not located in every town. As a result, you must mail your device to the nearest Apple Repair Center. The screen replacement cost at this location is very affordable if your iPhone 5c is under warranty or Apple Care+.

iphone 5c screen replacement cost uk

In addition, getting repair service at this location is perfect for you who want to be free from worries after the service. It is because this location offers you with 90-day warranty after service. Moreover, the technician at this location is well trained and excellent. Therefore, you will get high quality repair service.

The drawback of getting service at official service center is that the repair service takes around 3 and 5 days. In addition, you may need to travel far to visit Apple store or pay shipping fee to send your device to Apple Repair Center. In addition, you will be charged with additional $6.95 shipping cost by Apple Repair Center when they send your device back. This makes the iPhone 5c screen replacement cost more expensive.

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