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How much does it cost to fix iPhone screen? This is probably the first question that pops in your mind when your iPhone screen is broken. Most people feel very devastated when they broke their iPhone scree. Because of this problem, the Smartphone can be longer be used. And it is a big disaster for those who cannot live without a mobile phone. If you are one of those people, you must get your iPhone screen fixed immediately.

how much does it cost to fix an iphone screen at staples

The cost of fixing iPhone screen

The cost of fixing your iPhone screen depends on many things. Here are some of them.

–                      The type of your iPhone.

The cost of repairing the screen of iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone 6 is more expensive than other iPhones.

–                      Warranty

In addition, the cost also depends on whether you have a warranty or AppleCare + or not. If you have one of those two, you can get your screen repaired at much cheaper cost. However, when your device is not under any warranty, you will likely pay a lot of money for it.

–                      Service center location

Another thing that affects the cost of this repair is the location of service center. The cost of repairing iPhone screen varies from one location to another.

–                      Type of damage

Certain screen problems don’t require screen replacement. Others may require replacement. You will need to pay more amount of money if you have major screen problem.

To get your iPhone screen repaired, you need to pay between $29 and $150. To get the best deal, you must remember to compare the repair cost first.

Where to fix iPhone screen

You have choices of location to get your iPhone screen fixed. You may find several service locations near your homes. But, not all of them offer you excellent repair service in competitive price. Therefore, you need to do a small research first to ensure that you get the best iPhone screen repair service at the best price.

Basically, you have two choices of locations in getting iPhone repair service. You can go to Apple Store or a third party repair service center. Both of those locations offer you with pros and cons.

The pros and cons of repairing iPhone screen at Apple Store

Getting your iPhone screen fixed at Apple Store is perfect for you who have Apple Care+. It is also most suitable for devices that are still under warranty. If you have Apple Care+ or warranty, you will be charged with more affordable repair cost. For a screen only repair, you only need to pay $29. You will need to pay additional cost if your iPhone has other damage. If your device is out of warranty and you don’t have Apple Care+, you must pay the screen repair service between $129 and $149.

how much does it cost to fix an iphone screen uk

You will get 90-day warranty if you get your iPhone repaired at Apple Store. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the repair service at this service center. You can be sure that your iPhone screen is well taken care of by professionals. The drawback of getting repair service at this location is that it takes 3 to 5 days. In addition, it is not available every town.

The pros and cons of repairing iPhone screen at third party location

An unofficial repair service center is more suitable for you who don’t have warranty or Apple Care+. If you have one of them and get iPhone repair at a third party location, your warranty will be void. That’s why it is perfect for you whose device is not under Apple Care+ or warranty.

how much does it cost to fix an iphone screen uk

This repair service center is also perfect for you who need quick repair. At this location, you can get your iPhone screen fully repaired in an hour. If you really need to get your iPhone fixed within a day, you must go to this location. In addition, most of them will charge you with affordable repair cost. You can get your screen repaired for less than $100.

The drawback of this third party repair service centers are that not all of them have experienced and professional technicians. In addition, not all of them offer you with appropriate warranty. Therefore, you must make sure that you choose a service center that offers you with suitable warranty, excellent service, and competitive price. Now, you know the answer of how much does it cost to fix iPhone screen.

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