How many megapixels is the iPhone 6 and What Can We Do With it ?

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The camera feature is likely to be the first consideration for most people to buy smartphone, iPhone is in no exception. It is not strange for some smartphone shopkeepers to hear someone ask, “how many megapixels is the iphone 6?” during any deal process. Modern street and daily photography trends has put the camera feature planted inside smartphone to be the most frequent feature to use. That is why common people will reconsider their gadget choice due to how good the camera can perform.

how many megapixels is the iphone 6

iPhone 6 camera is actually far below its goodness if compared to one in iPhone 7 series. iPhone 6 is equipped with 8 megapixels main camera while iPhone series have already had 12 megapixels. Of course people who choose iPhone 6 to buy will have the budget behind their reasons. Although the camera performance is more or less in the same par with cheaper iPhone 5s camera, the bigger display provided by iPhone 6 is still something cannot be obtained from the older model rivals.

8 megapixels camera inside iPhone 6 versus iPhone 5 series.

iPhone 6 is equipped with 8 megapixels main camera with f/2.2, 29mm lens size, phase detection autofocus and dual-LED (dual tone) flash. With 1/3″ sensor size and 1.5 µm pixel size, iPhone 6 can capture optimal image result under low light condition. The other features are touch focus, geo-tagging, face/smile detection, HDR (photo/panorama) for more various choice of photograph style and easiness. The camera can provide video recording quality with 1080p@60fps and 720p@240fps preference. For the video call and live streaming service, iPhone 6 has also had 1.2 megapixels front camera with f/2.2, 31mm lens size, 720p@30fps video recording optimal quality, face detection, HDR and FaceTime over Wi-Fi or Cellular features.

how many megapixels is the iphone 6 plus camera have

If you are a type of person who think that price will tell the camera quality, you will be surprised with the fact that cheaper iPhone 5s is also equipped with exactly the same camera hardware and features. With the difference of approximately US$200 in price and the same camera technology you will unconsciously think that Apple Inc. is kidding their customers. Do not get it wrong. The camera hardware and features are not the only technology innovation offered inside any iPhone product.

More than just 8 megapixels camera in iPhone 6

You ought not to forget the other advanced attributes which worth to make iPhone 6 is priced higher than iPhone 5s. Based on its main powerhouse, iPhone 6 is obviously winning over iPhone 5s with the more advanced Dual-core 1.4 GHz Typhoon (ARM v8-based) processor, Apple A8 chipset, and PowerVR GX6450 (quad-core graphics) for graphic accelerator. The bigger 4.7 inches display and higher 750 x 1334 pixels resolutions will also contribute better experience for photo editing easiness and video call excitement alongside with clearer and sharper visualization. In addition to that, Non-removable Li-Po 1810 mAh battery ensure the gadget to be able to operate in more durable hours of performance.

how many megapixels is the iphone 6 plus front camera

With such top performance insurances, Apple Inc. makes sure that the iPhone 6 user can use the product without worrying too much on some slowing down system and applications response or limited battery problems which can appear more possibly on cheaper iPhone 5s.

What can we do with those specifications?

iPhone 5s camera can produce similar result of standard photo images with iPhone 6. However the difference is claimed to appear when it comes to the heavier iOS 8 upgrade. Since iPhone 5s use less advance engine the performance may a bit slower compared to its younger sibling. iPhone 6 is believed to have easier focusing and multitasking capability due to bigger engine performance battery durability, resulting in more flexible and longer utilization on any activity.

how many megapixels is the iphone 6 front camera

If you like to make some slow motion video and time lapse art techniques, iPhone 6 can provide you more flexible and easier experience. iPhone 6 can support slow motion video recording with 120 fps and 240 fps rate to produce tighter and smoother result, while iPhone 5 can only support 120 fps slow motion recording capability.

People should learn to observe deeper functionality and capability of any modern gadget, including iPhones. It will be such a waste to neglect the true potential of any electronic product. Comparing the iPhone 5s with iPhone 6 regarding with their price and 8 megapixels camera without considering the other advancements can be just another ridiculous attempt people can make. “How many megapixels is the iPhone 6?” is basically a nonsense question during as basic consideration to choose the worth of iPhone products.

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