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If someone asks you, “how much does the iPhone 5s cost?” I believe that you will need more time to provide the answer. Although the iPhone variants are basically not as many as those from its rival brand like Samsung, you will never provide simple explanation on iPhones’ price list.

The different price of same Samsung products depends on its seller market consideration which usually does not have too much gap one to another. Meanwhile you will have more choices on the same model of iPhone which can be derived from its mobile carrier, internal memory preferences, factory contract, or its factory lock condition regardless of possible price gap between different sellers.

How much does the iPhone 5s cost

The contract price consideration will not appear in any android based smartphone. That is why android smartphones commonly have fewer sorts of price list and probable price differences between the same models.

iPhone 5s price with contract in 2017

The contract tied in any iPhone products can be provided from different mobile carrier companies which have business collaboration with Apple Inc. company. This contract condition does not allow iPhone customers to switch the applied SIM card with their desired SIM card from other network service providers. They have to terminate the contract with additional US$325 minus US$10 per month of completed service in order to be able to switch into other network services freely.

how much does the iphone 5s cost at verizon

It can take forever to describe the entire existing iPhone mobile carrier in USA alongside its massive numbers of price choices. I will try to explain about some mobile carriers on iPhone 5s which are recommended by most users and reviewers to provide the less confusing price description and comparison.


New iPhone 5s with T-Mobile contract can be available for around US$235 (16GB), US$295 (32GB), and US$320 (64GB). The customers who buy this full contract product can enjoy 2 years of iPhone 5s usage with full services under excellent T-Mobile nationwide network coverage in USA.


New iPhone 5s with Verizon full 2 years’ contract can be available for around US$259 (16GB), US$279 (32GB), and US$325 (64GB).

iPhone 5s price without contract (factory unlocked) in 2017

People usually will have to pay higher cost for unlocked iPhones with newer model like iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 series. In iPhone 5s case, you will find the fact that new package sealed iPhone 5s is like a rare item. iPhone 5s is basically 2-3-year-old gadgets even if it is factory package sealed. Apple Inc. has stopped its production since iPhone 6 was launched.

how much does the iphone 5s cost at t mobile

Due to iPhone 5s old age issues, people will be likely to find refurbished or secondhand used product easier than finding the new one, especially in USA. If you are lucky enough, you can still find some new factory unlocked iPhone 5s for around US$220 (16GB), US$275 (32GB), and US$320 (64GB) from any online shop. Be careful that refurbished product is totally different with brand new product although it has the same package sealed condition. Some careless buyers tend to make mistake in assuming refurbished as the same condition with the new product.

iPhone 5s price outside of USA in 2017

Every iPhone product always has higher price outside of USA. Customers from countries outside US absolutely cannot take US iPhone price list as their reference since it can be considerably more expensive in their country market. Most of iPhone product including iPhone 5s is marketed with factory unlocked condition to allow the abroad customers to use their preferred local network services.

People can get new iPhone 5s for around US$ 235 to US$320 of course depends on its internal memory preferences and carrier contract or factory lock condition. This price can be variously climbed up 2 or 3 times more expensive on different countries depends on the customs fee or tax policy.

how much does the iphone 5s cost at boost mobile

Some people who regularly visit US within certain period realize that it is it cheaper to buy factory unlocked iPhone in US and bring them back to their countries than buy it from overseas. The customs fees, taxes policy, and shipment fees will only make iPhone price uglier abroad.

For example, people in Indonesia will have at least Rp 5.100.000 or about US$ 383 to buy the cheapest factory unlocked iPhone 5s. However, “How much does the iPhone 5s cost inside and outside of USA?” is actually a question which cannot have simple answers.

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