How much are iPhone 5s and Is It Still Worth to Buy It Now

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How much are iPhone 5s might be the information you need now because you are going to buy it even you even have never considered about it before. iPhone 5s released in 2013 and it has been more than three years old now. However, you can get some advantages for the price and capability by choosing it as the next smartphone of you. There are many reasons to choose iPhone 5s as the next smartphone of you. Find them below.

how much are iphone 5s

The Phone Design is Small

For those who prefer smaller smartphone, iPhone 5s belongs to the last small and good smartphones in United States market. It will be the best choice for small hands and those who have tiny clutch or purse to store. Besides, the small size will also ease you moving on train or bus with free hand.

Since the release of iPhone 5s, there are many bigger phones introduced to the market; smartphones with large and thin screens seem to be more beautiful than the smaller one. Mostly, newer smartphones comes in 5-7 inches screens. However, Apple doesn’t follow the mainstream, even the next iPhone generation; iPhone 6 and 6s only comes with 4.7 inches screen, whilst the previous iPhone only has 4 inch screen. Today, most Android phones come in large screens; 5inch screen belongs to the smallest option. Meanwhile, iPhone 5s with its 4 inch screen looks very tiny compared with other smartphones.

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The popularity of large screen phones become from Samsung that becomes the biggest phone industry in the world. Samsung has successfully attracted the market with their big and beautiful screened Android devices. Apple seems to decide to do the same marketing techniques. They starts making bigger screened devices but they make fewer phones so that they can compete on the phone quality meaningfully. They ignore the users who favor hardware keyboards and those who have small hands. But Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is an exception because it comes with small size even though it isn’t available in United States.

How much are iPhone 5s

Because it is not a new phone version anymore, iPhone 5s is cheap today. The cheap phone comes in the right time when many people desire it. If are always asking about how much are iPhone 5s, you will be happy for the cheap price; between $50 and $160. It depends on what provider you choose to feature the iPhone 5s. Even though the price is cheap, it doesn’t mean that you will get low quality. The Apple phone will give high quality that you need about smartphone.

The Benefits from Apple Phone

It is not like Android phones that mostly depend on the multifaceted relationship between cellular carriers, phone makers, and Google to stay relevant as well as getting the most recent software updates, whilst iPhones only depend on Apple. You can prove it by seeing last year’s Samsung phone, it will take a very long time to get the newer features. Besides, there many nasty issues too that pop up from the searching results.

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On the other hand, iPhone 5s comes with iOS 9. It is the most recent operating system of Apple that is also applied to the newer iPhone versions. The update for the iOS 9 is also done to the earlier iPhone 5 as well as iPhone 4s. It is certainly a very good sign for people who want to buy iPhone 5s today and you can get the similar updates of the operating system.

Furthermore, the hardware of iPhone 5s is also still up to date; even most phones that released after iPhone 5s have designs that are almost same with it. This smartphone introduces Touch ID fingerprint sensor, save battery life and track your fitness with the M7 motion co-processor. The fingerprint sensor can help you buy something through the Apple Pay. However, it doesn’t have a key security feature but you can add the functionality by pairing the phone with Apple Watch.

how much are iphone 5s at verizon

It means that you still can have the up to date software and features inside an iPhone 5s even though it has been released for more than three years. Besides, all accessories of iPhone 5s are also available in great discounts today. Therefore, those are the reasons of why you can choose iPhone 5s besides how much are iPhone 5s.

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