How much it cost iPhone 6s?

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iPhone 6swas the name for Apple lineup in 2015 which had been derived from iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. iPhone 6s was introduced on September, 92015 on Apple event in San Francisco. Apple said that iPhone 6s was the most advanced Smartphone ever. They were available in gold, silver rose gold and space gray, the 4,7 inches of retina iPhone 6s packs with the advanced feature then the previous model. This in including what Apple call as 3D touch, the 3D touch was not only recognize the typical gesture, but also with the force gesture as well. They give shortcuts in the home screen that had for frequent action and also inside applications as well. Because there are a lot of high advanced technology, they wonder about how much is a iphone 6s and what their differences.

how much is a iphone 6s

The price for iPhone 6s was from $549 and iPhone 6s Plus was from $649. You can check on Apple official site or other sources to know the other price. iPhone 6s was bigger than you imagine, unless you ever use phablet. It comes with 2GB RAM and the phone packs 16 GB for internal stirage and this is cannot be expanded. iPhone 6s had been packswith the 12 megapixel on the back camera and shoot for front camera 5 megapixel for selfie. This is also supported with iOS 9 and 1715 mAh for removable battery. Apple iPhone 6s was the Smartphone with single SIM which accept for nano SIM.

how much is a iphone 6s plus

So, what are the differences?

The noticeable differences were iPhone 6s plus having bigger screen than you imagined. However, as usual the new handset were polarsing position, the fans were so excited with some big differences which many potentially game changing change.


This iPhone 6s might similar with the old iPhones. This is might some costumers complain, but it you take a closer look and there were key differences. The most obvious differences between iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus was their screen size. While iPhone 6s featured with 4,7 inches which nive improvement from 4 inches on previous model, 6s Plus increase the display even bigger. iPhone 6s Plus was have 5,5 inches that make them become close competitor with mini iPad. Not surprising that 6s Plus having different resolution as well. the user who looking for the combination of screen size and porbality with good nuance in the hand might prefer consider iPhone 6, while those who look for the large possible display might prefer enjoy iPhone 6s Plus.

how much is a iphone 6s at metro pcs

The iPhone battery life

Because of that larger screen, the iPhone 6s Plus was hard on their batteries. This is to compensate, the battery offer the larger capacity and longer durability than iPhone 6s. This is based on information from Apple. If you consider to get longer last battery life, you might consider the iPhone 6s Plus.

how much is a iphone 6s cost

The price

Because the bigger screen display and improved battery, iPhone 6s Plus generally bring the premium price over their sibling, both of models also offer the same storage option, they are; 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. The price for iPhone 6s was from $549 and iPhone 6s Plus was from $649 as mentioned before.

Camera ability

If you only look for specification, the camera on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus was identical. The back cameras on both devices were having 8 megapixel and HD video 1080p. Both of devices offer you with slow motion features and user facing that capture video on 720p HD and photo with 1,2 megapixels. However, there is one essential element from the camera which make big differences in photo quality that they take, this is image stabilization. Image stabilization was the camera feature which reduces he motion in the camera and your hand movement as you takes the photo. This is increasing their focus with the higher photo quality. There are 2 ways of image stabilization which can be achieved, they are: hardware and software. In software image stabilization, the program was automatically tweaks the photo to enhance their look. Bothof devices were have this feature, but iPhone 6s Plus  having better feature that will increase your photo quality. Beside know about how much is a iphone 6s, this is might a good way to know their difference performance.

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