How much does an IPhone 5s Cost: Is it all worth it?

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In modern era like this, it’s not difficult to have a smart phone that can make our lives easier. There are so many types of smart phones in the market with theirs different specifications, colors and of course the price. One of the famous brands of smart phones in the world is iPhone. Today, we will narrow down the iPhone series to become our featured smart phone of the week. IPhone 5s is the new arrival of smart phones that we consider important to be featured and reviewed from the specifications and price. How much does a iPhone 5s cost? Before you are wondering about the price of iPhone 5s, let’s talk about it in general first.

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The highlight of iPhone 5s

IPhone 5s doesn’t come radically in the design of Apple. It improves one of the important features of Apple. In here, we don’t talk about the new Gold or Space Gray colors. For those who are the iPhone fans, you do remember about the home button. Since day one, it has been on every iPhone series that makes them user-friendly. But in iPhone 5s, it is now turned into something different. The home button becomes a scanner dubbed of fingerprint Touch ID. So, what does it mean? It means that this new form of iPhone home button will let the users authorize the purchase and unlock the iPhone safely by storing their fingerprints in processor.

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IPhone 5s has A7 processor that is much better and faster than the previous processors. This secured privacy is out of reach for someone else. It does work for several defaults apps in iOS 7. The debuts of A7 processor on the iPhone 5s is the first mobile chipset with 64-bit on a commercial mobile phone. It is utilized and completed with the minimalistic and the latest flat iOS 7 which already rewritten to take all 64-bit system’s advantages. The co-processor itself is a dedicated M7 that will always on motion or on the move sensing as well.

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Talking about the camera in iPhone 5s, the iSight is 8 MP but it is better and more improved. It comes with wider aperture and larger pixels. You will be able to shoot videos in a slow motion way. The other advantage of the iPhone 5s camera is the LED flash with dual two-tone on the back of the phone. It can give an amazing representation of natural skin color.

how much does a iphone 5s cost

The specification

The dimensions of the iPhone 5s in mm is 123.8 x 58.6 with the thickness of 7.6 mm. It equals in 4.87 x 2.31 inches with the thickness of 0.30 inches. The weight is around 112 grams or about 3.95 oz. The average of iPhone 5s is about 153 grams or 5.3 oz. The material that is used to make iPhone 5s is aluminum. The colors available are silver, grey and gold. The ultimate feature of this smart phone series is the touch or the fingerprint.

The display

There are many great things about the display of iPhone 5s. The size of it is 4.0 inches completed with 640 x 1136 pixels resolution. It has 326 ppi for the pixel density and there is IPS LCD as one of the featured technology. The ratio from the screen to the body is 60.82% with the brightness 500 cd/m2 in its peak. The features of iPhone 5s are the proximity sensor, light sensor and oleo phobic coating.

The hardware

The chip of the system in iPhone 5s is Apple A7 with dual-core, cyclone ARMv8, 1300 MHz with 64 bit as the processor. Power VR G6430 is in the graphic processor and 1GB RAM as the system memory. Meanwhile the built-in storage is more than 64 GB.

The price

To answer the question: how much does a iPhone 5s cost actually is a little bit hard since there are differences of price apply in every region. But usually it costs from $132 from $190. It depends on each market as well. Make sure you get the cheapest one and still be able to get iPhone 5s best quality. Don’t forget to check the phone and all the accessories before you buy. Ask any question to the sellers so you will know every function of iPhone 5s and how to overcome small problems you may get into. With the affordable price like this, it is quiet worth all the best features in iPhone 5s.

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