How much are IPhone 5c do I have to Pay?

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If you have a thought to buy a new smart phone and need a professional advice, don’t stop reading this article. Nowadays, many people need a smart phone to run their business faster and smoother. A smart phone also can help people live the life easier. It can remind us whose birthday it is today. It helps us exercise more regularly and help with our diet. We can shop anywhere we want and just wait for the package right in front of our door. It can also help us capture everything around us with one simple touch and hundreds way of photo editing that can make every photo better and more pro. There are so many advantages of smart phone. Today, we will provide you a slight review, specs and price of one the world recognized smart phones, iPhone 5c. If you are wondering how much are iPhone 5c, you will find out very soon. But first let’s check the overall and general review first.

how much are iphone 5c at metro pcs

The review

The iPhone 5c series are probably the new product that featured the cute, colorful and diverse interchangeable cases of color. They are almost the same with the latest Motorola Moto X. But iPhone 5c is a whole new different smart phone with pop up color comes in a cheaper price (almost $90 cheaper or less if you can find the cheap store!). It became quite popular when it released in the market in 2012. This iPhone 5c could meet almost everyone’s needs and keep up with the competitive brands of smart phone. The ultimate feature is presented by a larger screen in 4 inch, fast wireless of LTE, a quicker processor, many tweaks in its performance and a good quality camera. All these amazing features came in one smart phone, iPhone 5c.

how much are iphone 5c worth

The addition features

The new additions in iPhone 5c compare to the older version which is iPhone 5 are the new antennas with LTE that can present the users with more various international carriers, preinstalled iOS 7, a little bit increased internal battery compare to previous model, a better front-facing and low-light-sensitive FaceTime HD camera. You don’t need to spend more money only to buy iPhone 5c. It is true that it is not also cheap smart phone that people dream of. But his is an iPhone 5 with colorful and cute colors we are talking about. So, if you want a smart phone with more advanced and functioned, then this iPhone 5c is the right model for you to buy. It is a perfect smart phone for those who wish for a better iPhone with affordable price.

how much are iphone 5c going for

The display

Now, let’s talk about the display. The technology in iPhone 5c used Retina Display with IPS. The resolution of the display is 1136 c 640 pixels with 326 ppi for the pixel density. The diagonal size of the phone is 4 inch with 10.2 cm diagonal size. The protection used fingerprint that is resistant completed with oleo phobic coating.

The communication

The features for communication in iPhone 5c are mobile email client and internet browser. Meanwhile the data transmissions are available in EDGE, DC-HSDPA, HSDPA, GPRS, LTE, HSUPA, HSPA+ and EV-DO. Many kinds of 4G LTE Band are in iPhone 5c including Band 4, Band 1, Band 17, Band, 13, Band 5, Band 8, Band 2, Band 19, Band 18, Band 25, Band 20 and Band 26. Talking about the data transmission operating frequency in iPhone 5c, it is used LTE 800/800/700c/700b DD/2100/1900/1800/900/850 and 1700/2100 AWS. Meanwhile it used IEEE 802.11 g/n /a/b and also Bluetooth 4.0 for the wireless interface.

The pros and the cons

The pros for iPhone 5c are quiet many. It is available starting from $170 or less. It is available in cute and bright colors including yellow, white, green, blue and pink. It has wider LTE global coverage compared to the previous series in 2012 which is iPhone 5. It is also already upgraded the front-facing camera to produce more high quality photos. The battery life is also a little bit better.

how much are iphone 5c

The cons of this phone are that the 4 inch retina display that considered quiet small if we compare many Android phones and the package. This 2012 phone is redesigned with more attractive package in 2013. Overall, the questions about how much are iPhone 5c is already answered in which this $170 iPhone is a well-replicated of iPhone 5 comes in more engaging case with various colors.

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