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iPhone 5s megapixels camera is basically the same with iPhone 5. iPhone 5s is equipped with 8 megapixels camera by Apple Inc. What makes it better than iPhone 5 camera is its capability to work more optimally in low light conditions. Some people tend to use the megapixels size of the camera to measure the general quality between smartphones. The camera feature planted inside modern smartphones becomes one of the most important features, alongside with the global development on cell phone photography trends as one of modern cultures.

iphone 5s camera megapixels

More about iPhone 5s Camera Feature

Being mentioned before that iPhone 5s has slightly better performance on low light conditions compared to iPhone 5 regarding with the same 8 megapixels camera size. The difference is because Apple Inc., as the iPhone developer, has improved the the lens inside the iPhone 5s’ camera hardware system by enlarging the sensor from 1/3.2 to 1/3, in order to make the camera to work optimally in low light conditions which is better than one inside the iPhone 5. The improvement as the result also give iPhone 5s a bit increasing pixels from 1.4 into 1.5 microns.

iphone 5s camera megapixels front

The camera sensor improvement is just one method to increase the iPhone 5s capability to work under low light conditions. It does not mean that the sensor improvement is the only thing which have better specification over the on inside iPhone 5. iPhone 5s is basically have some advanced camera hardware specifications compared to on iPhone 5.

iPhone 5s is equipped with smaller camera lens size (f/2.2, 29mm on iPhone5s and f/2.4, 33mm on iPhone 5) with dual LED flash in its 8 MP primary attribute alongside with additional sensor which allows iPhone 5s to work better under low light condition. Smile detection feature has also already added into iPhone 5s. For the video camera specifications, iPhone 5s have better recording quality with 720p@120fps compared to iPhone 5. From the descriptions given, we can not only consider the same 8 megapixels primary camera size to generalize its overall performance.

iphone 5s camera specs megapixels

On the top of that, Maybe you will think that the 33mm lens size is better than 29mm, you are absolutely wrong. In photography smaller lens size means better capability to catch wider range of objects in front of the camera. This is a basic consideration for camera utilization, especially in photography using smartphone or pocket camera device, which are common to use for street photography (non-professional one) and sometimes are used inside rooms with a limited space.

The smaller camera lens allows you to capture object with shorter distance. You have to stand farther from your camera object if you have bigger lens size. The smaller lens use for camera in smartphone means that you have less problems to use your smartphone inside any room, especially the more compact one.

Purchasing iPhone 5s Camera by Considering the Camera Features and Prices

If you tend to pay attention to the camera specification as your consideration to buy an iPhone gadget, I recommend you to choose iPhone 5s. With 8 megapixels of main camera specification, and also its other features and attributes, you will be able to capture images with the perfect blend of sharpness and low light adaptability. Some updates and additional applications allow you to access certain photo capturing modes based on your personal needs and preferences.

I will not personally suggest you with iPhone 4 or even older models regarding that you will have problems on its adaptability to iOS upgrades, since Apple Inc, always develop their technology with newer operating systems. iPhone 5s technology is still supported until iOS 10 upgrade, so you will not have any future problem with several updating issues.

iphone 5s camera megapixels settings

Of course, you will also have to consider the budget to buy new iPhone. Now, a new iPhone 5s is marketed around US$412 to US$472 based on its internal memory storage space choices. The lowest price is for 16GB and the highest is for 64GB internal memory capacity. You can buy second hand iPhone 5s priced around US$285 for 16 GB, US$303 for 32GB, and US$322 for 64 GB. The prices above is for factory locked (in 2 years mobile carriers’ contract) prices. You have to pay for extra US$325 minus US$10 per month of completed service if you want to change it to your preferred data service provider.

Why not iPhone 6 or Other Newest Models?

The reason why I suggest you iPhone 5s over any newest model is basically regarding with their price differences. You can buy newer iPhone 6 if you want for around US$540, but with around the US$200 extra money you will get almost exactly the same camera performance for image capturing quality and modes with low light adaptability. iPhone 6 is only a little bit better for its video recording features.

If you think you have no problems with the money in order to get the best iPhone camera, then you can get the best choice with the latest iPhone 7 plus alongside with greater 12 megapixels main camera size and also extra US$300 or more. Only with Iphone 7 plus’ 12 megapixels camera, you can outclass the iPhone 5s. However, in my consideration iPhone 5s Camera Megapixels are still reasonable numbers worthy enough to compare with higher price-tagged iPhone 6 series.

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