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How much does an iPhone 5s cost? If someone ask that question, the answer can be varied. Buying an iPhone, especially for the latest models, is not as simple as buying smartphone from other brands, androids for example. When you decide to buy iPhone you can not just pay attention to the single plain device. I call it a plain one if the iPhone device is not registered for certain available contract which will include the device upgrading preferences. In other words, you have to calculate your budget really carefully if you do not want to spend some unexpected extra money to have a full serviced iPhone.

how much does an iphone 5s cost 2017

The plain price of 1 set of new iPhone 5s is around US$412 for the 16 GB, US$442 for 32 GB, and US$472 for 64 GB internal memory type. The second hand price is around US$285 for 16 GB, US$303 for 32 GB, and US$322 for 64 GB internal memory type. As the comparison, the newest iPhone 7 ranged around US$637 to US$832 based on its internal memory size which is like specified above.

Which Model of iPhone You Are Looking for?

I suggest you to buy an iPhone 5s if you are a new iPhone user who never use any product from iPhone brands before. The reason why I suggest this model is because you basically do not need the latest model to learn the iPhone features and operating system which are different with android based smartphones. Of course, the budget consideration is becoming one prominent factor to be noticed. It is always wiser to limit yourself to spend extravagant expenditure on new things you have not familiar with.

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In iPhone 5s you will get a technology which is not an obsolete one. So you still can catch up with the latest features and technology which can also be found from the newest models. The features and technology from iPhone 5s mentioned above includes the LTE network compatibility, 16 to 64 GB internal memory, 1 GB RAM, and also the compatible iOS 7 operating system under 64 bit processor which will still get the full support until iOS 9 by the iPhone database and upgrades plan.

I will not suggest you to buy iPhone with lower specifications from iPhone 5s, iPhone 4 for example, despite of its lower price to purchase. The most important reason is because the device specifications are no longer able to catch up with the latest iOS operating system. It is still compatible with the iOS 7 but not with the iOS above it. Meanwhile, iPhone 5s is still compatible until iOS 9, unless you will only use your iPhone for making any call or sending short message services. That is completely such a waste for an iPhone technology. In addition to that the battery durability is also one of the main concerns.

The Extra Cost to Spend on iPhone Devices

Like I have mentioned before that buying iPhone is different with buying androids or other smartphone brands. When you decide yo buy an iPhone you have to make sure that the device you are going to purchase is tied in certain contract or not. Some iPhone devices are registered in certain contract to a network provider for usually 2 years duration after manufactured by the vendor. This kind of contract can provide you full data supports in 2 years duration provided by AT&T for GSM based device and Verizon for CDMA based device. In android smartphones you will not find this kind of contract tied on the device.

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The contract tied iPhone device does not allow you to access service from external network providers. It means that you can not switch your SIM card freely for your iPhone. In legal ways, you can not terminate the contract without agreements from the contract carrier. You have to pay for the contract early termination fee. You have to spend extra US$325 minus US$10 per month of completed service in order to be able to use others network service providers. This is why iPhone price is more expensive in countries outside of USA, since the exported iPhone products abroad are already on factory unlocked condition.

how much does an iphone 5s cost at verizon

You can freely reconsider your data needs in monthly or more internet data purchasing plan after getting you factory unlocked iPhone. However, you have to think about this contract stuffs when consider on how much does an iPhone 5s cost, since you will need extra money to get the factory unlocked one.

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