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Does metroPCS sell iPhones with cheaper price? The answer is yes, but not for all of the models. Only iPhone SE is sold for US$50 off. iPhone SE will be available with less price of its normal asked price by Apple, Inc and the other carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, and Virgin mobiles.

does metropcs sell iphones

If you are looking for iPhone with more affordable price, you can choose iPhone provided by mobile carriers alongside the offered available data service plan (prepaid or 2 year contract service). You must remember that you will need extra money to have the factory an unlocked iPhone device. You can get iPhone SE from metroPCS for US$349. You still can get iPhone 5s from metroPCS for only US$199. But if you are looking for newer iPhone, then you can choose the iPhone SE with the special price. iPhone 6s, 6s plus, 7, 7s, 7s plus are also available for US$649 to US$769 price range and various internal memory choices.

The Data Plan Service

I would like to inform you that metroPCS is a prepaid brand of T-Mobile. Therefore you will get the unlimited monthly data plan starting from US$30. No contract is required for this prepaid service , but you still can not switch your SIM card freely. You have to set it to factory unlocked condition with extra cash to terminate the service from metroPCS. The prepaid service is available of all iPhones sold under metroPCS.

does metropcs sell iphones online

Although metroPCS is a prepaid brand under T-Mobile, the data service plan cost is slightly different. MetroPCS offers prepaid service starting from US$30 while T-Mobile service plan offered starting at least from US$50. As the additional information, the metroPCS network coverage share the same distribution with T-Mobile which can cover most of the US.

Why only iPhones SE marketed with lower price by metro PCS

MetroPCS only sell iPhone models such as SE, 5s 6s, and 6s plus. The only possible considered reason why metroPCS put the cheaper price tag on iPhone SE is because metroPCS wants make iPhone SE higher price compared to more budget friendly iPhone 5s looked reasonable for their new iPhone buyer.

does metropcs sell iphone 2017

Most people will compare the two products from its specification and price. They will see that buying iPhone SE although its price has been cut off, is not as worthy enough as buying more economic iPhone 5s despite of its technology gap. From the appearance, iPhone SE is similar with iPhone 5. Both of them offers compact physical feature applied with 4 inches display which, with almost no difference in weight. The absence of gorilla glass as display protection on iPhone SE can also become one point for people to prefer iPhone 5s over iPhone SE.

The higher price for iPhone SE compared to iPhone 5s can be reasonable for its advantages in the 12MP camera armed with phase detection autofocus and simultaneous 4K video and 8MP image recording features, and the more advanced OS, memory chipset (Apple9), CPU (1.8 GHz Twister), its GPU, which is  available in 128 GB internal memory choice, and 2 GB of RAM. Those technology make iPhone SE as powerful as iPhone 6s despite of its loss in the smaller size of display.

does metropcs sell iphones 2015

With the US$300 difference in price between iPhone SE and 6s, sometimes people will reconsider their choice on buying the more expensive one. It is basically up to people’s personal preference to set his choice upon the most suitable iPhone device for their activity, especially according with the available budget and necessity. That is why metroPCS sell the iPhone SE with lower price set by the Apple, Inc. To help people reconsider their choices, once again based on their personal opinion towards the product.

How to Buy the iPhones Carried by MetroPCS

If you want to buy new iPhones offered by metro PCS, you can try visiting metroPCS authorized dealers available near your place. You can find iPhone models like iPhone SE, 5s, 6s 6s plus, 7, 7s, and 7s plus, with various internal memory preferences marketed there. You can also get the prepaid service data plan after the purchase to make your iPhone ready to use after leaving the dealer.

If you feel that you do not have enough time and opportunity to visit the dealers. You can try make order on some online shops from the internet. There are lot of choice to pick your new iPhone. Just remember that metroPCS only offer iPhone devices without long-term data service contract. You can not also activate non-metroPCS SIM card. You have to pay extra money for the service termination in order to use service from different brands. So do not make a careless order. Does MetroPCS sell iPhones from its official online shop support? The answer is absolutely yes.

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