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Although your Apple Smartphone was meant for multitasking job using your device for mailing, message, calls and other applications were able to drain your battery. Luckily, there are also many ways to expand your iPhone battery live, then you can choose those effective ways that bring you step b step through different method which able to prolong the battery life. However, if you had own your iPhone5 since the last launch, at least during couple years, changed were battery was already starting to lose their capacity. Shortly, from the full charged and this is not last as ling and having less time to play away from the power socket. But, there is something that you can do to solve your issue, opening your iPhone could be seen as the heresy, remembering that some of Apple’s AAPL-0,52% products were not user serviceable. But you should note that you unable to slide off the back cover and replacing the battery as you replace other Smartphone’s were made today. This is means that you need to use third party with high capacity battery or you may replace the worn out battery will be so difficult.  This is also make a lot peoples wonder about iPhone 5 battery replacement cost.

Battery case iPhone 5

How much it cost?

If you want to know about iPhone 5 battery replacement cost ,you should know that your own one year warranty also including your replacing coverage for the defective battery, you also able to expand your coverage for e years from the date of purchasing your iPhone through the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone. During those coverage periods, Apple will replace your battery if it drops under 50% from the original capacity. If out of warranty, Apple will offer you with replacement battery for $79 plus with $6,95 for shipping, subject with the local tax as well. Apple also disposes your battery in friendly environment as well.

Replacement Battery iPhone 5


How I can replace it?

As mentioned before that you might use third party to replace it, this is because you cannot only slide the rear cover then replace with your battery. There are some reasons behind it as well. For the heavy user, your battery might able to represent about a year and half of use assuming you might charge it in the most day. The degradation process also able to speed u rapidly. This is means that after 2 years, you will notice the difference and even make you so annoyed.

Tips Replacement Battery iPhone 5

Apple has several times offering the battery replacement service for all of device which does not feature with user replaceable batteries. The cost also varies but for Phone will get you about $80 with shipping cost as mentioned before. There is other ways which much cheaper and after that, you will able to do from home less than 10 minutes.

iPhone 5 was very compact phone but thankfully that their batteries were the easiest component to be replaced, but at least you have handy sill for your own risk as well. You can purchase for iPhone 5 battery tool kit about $15 thorough some online shop that helps you. The tool was completed with the hex head screwdriver which you can use to remove the two screws in the base of phone. But, you should know that this is tricky a bit and you ready to bring your own risk. The suction cap to the base of screen and pull off to remove the screen from casing. But you should note that you cannot lift the lid over than 90 degrees

How I can extend iPhone 5 battery life?

After you replace the new one, you may consider how you can extend your battery life. Luckily, Apple gives you with freedom to arrange your screen brightness in your iPhone, but put in the brightest setting will hurt your eyes and also able to drain your battery faster. Setting your brightness to the lowest level was the way you can try. Apple also released iOS update in order to teak your software function and those updates were also make your battery was more efficient. However, this method will not solve all your batter life, but this is worth to update your OS whenever the Apple issues for update.

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