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Buying new iPhone can be so exciting and sometime you take most of time, you go to the Apple store or reliable smartphone shop then you but the latest iPhone model which completed with warranty. As we know that iPhone were expensive, especially when you were not live on country where you could get the subsidized. In some states, the new iPhone can go around a thousand dollar. Apple also starts to take the preorders for new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and by all of account same with other record launch. There are many things happened in were sellindustry since the last time Apple had released a new iPhone. This is also make some peoples curios  about how much does iPhone 6s cost. But, you should know that the prices were so vary based on your country.

iphone 6s cost in usa

How much it cost?

Once again, this is may vary in several states as mentioned before, especially when your country cannot get them subsidized. This is also make the prices pricier than the others. You can check the price from Apple’s official site to know about how much does iphone 6s cost. On their site, the price of iPhone 6S was from $549 then for iPhone 6S plus was come from $649. It was pricey; however, their features were worth with the price. You also have rage or choices were confuse to make it clear. You can buy it or lease it. Some others also offer you with promotion price, other do not. You also able to pay for that iPhone in installment as you able to afford.

how much does iphone 6s cost

As mentioned that iPhone 6 having pre order date same with other recorded launch before, but now iPhone 6 were ready on sale. Apple 6 and the big screen also had proven to be so popular among the consumer. As we know that iPhone 6 had been coming with 2 versions, 4,7inches version of iPhone 6 and big 5,5 inches for iPhone 6S Plus. As we knew that, both of them were taking over the superior role from the last iPhone 5S. Both of Apple 6 come with the sleek and slim metal design with A8 processor and the camera had upgraded which including of Optical Image Stabilization inside  iPhone 6, plus there are some storage options, the Retina HD display, new of Apple IOS with 8 operating system, and different number for price point. There were instantly become top best seller with the record number of pre order. But you may wonder their differences between of them or what is make them difference.

iphone 6s cost

With the even enough detailed on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which and the newer one of iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S plus, it will be so easy to mistake them for each other as the general designs were quite identical, however, the smalls letter “s” on the backside of iPhone 6S was the dead giveaway. At the time, the Iphone 6 ad Iphone 6 Plus were available in black, white, silver, golden  and space gray, but the gild color also and introduced on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plys. These new models had been offered in black and space gray as well, but there are also some other color options, such as: the pinked tint or Rose Gold option or the new white. The overall designs were also almost identical with the case that dominated by the display and the softly rounded side as well. But the iPhone 6S and 6S plus were thicker and heavier and made from the aerospace grade pf7000 aluminum series, plus also having latest rubber hasket around the screen to reduce the internal water damage as well. Although the specific parts were so different, the Retina HD display in the device of small iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S both were 4,7 inches with the 1400 and larger pixel density. This is also easy to differentiate between iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus when their side by side based on their dimension or there is no presence of “s” letter. However, this is depending on your personal preference, you able to check other sources to know other detailed information about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S

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