When is iPhone 6s Coming Out?iPhone 6s Release Date and Specifications

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When is iPhone 6s coming out? There are so many people who ask about it. iPhone always becomes favorite phone in the world because has high quality. Most people choose iPhone because they want to have high quality phone and can make them easier in communicating with many people through phone. Have you ever heard about iPhone 6s? For iPhone lover, they always know the latest product of iPhone. If you want to know more about iPhone 6s release date and specification, you can read this information until finish.

When is iPhone 6s coming out

iPhone 6s Release Date

Actually, iPhone 6s has become favorite iPhone for many people. iPhone 6s has been released since September 10, 2015. It means you can get it easily in various stores. But, it doesn’t mean you can find it in your country easily because every iPhone has different time to arrive in your country. But because iPhone 6s has been released since 2 years ago, you will find this iPhone easily.

iPhone is so popular with its quality. Not different from other iPhones, iPhone 6s also offers various features and technology that will make many people attract to buy iPhone 6s. What are the features or specifications of iPhone 6s? For you who have a plan to buy iPhone 6s, you have to know the features and specifications of iPhone 6s. Find it on the information below.

iPhone 6s Specification

iPhone 6s Specification

When you have a plan to buy a new phone, you may usually want to consider various things to get best new phone for yourself. It will also happen when you have a plan to buy iPhone 6s. Actually, iPhone 6s is a good phone which has so many features and good specifications. What are the specials features of iPhone 6s? Let’s see one by one below:

  • 4.7 inch Screen IPS LCD

iPhone 6s comes with 4.7 inch screen. The screen is IPS LCD type. It means, you will see good display on this iPhone. Although the resolution may be not higher than other phone, but it will produce best and clear display. The screen also protected by Ion-strengthened glass. Not only that, the body of this iPhone made of aluminum alloy that will make the phone becomes strong.

  • Elegant Design

Not only having clear and good screen, iPhone 6s comes with elegant design. There is some color choice for you who want to buy iPhone 6s such as Space Gray, Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. It makes you able to choose an iPhone 6s based on your favorite color.

  • Apple 9, 2GB RAM

It is other feature of iPhone 6s. With A9 technology and 2GB RAM, you can operate your iPhone 6s without worrying about anything. Even when you operate so many applications, it will not cause problem to your iPhone 6s.

  • 4G LTE

For you who want to enjoy browsing without worrying internet speed, iPhone 6s is the best choice for you. With 4G LTE, you can browse internet so fast. So, you will not be regret when having this iPhone.

  • 12 MP and 5 MP Cameras

iPhone 6s comes with 2 types cameras, which are 12 MP as rear camera and 5 MP as front camera. No matter the camera you will use, the both are so good to create best picture.

  • 3D Touch and Finger Print Sensor

It is other feature that comes with iPhone 6s. We know that phone is so varies and every phone is released with the latest feature or technology. iPhone 6s comes as good iPhone which has 3D touch and finger print sensor. With 3D touch, you can operate so many programs easily in this iPhone. And with finger print sensor, your phone will be safe every time because only you who can lock and unlock your iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s release date

Actually, there are still many good features of iPhone 6s such as 12 MP camera that produces 4K video, iOS 9 operation system, and many more. We can conclude that iPhone 6s is a good iPhone that can be our recommendation. For people who want to buy an iPhone, iPhone 6s can be the best choice because comes with various features and specification. So, what are you waiting for? You don’t have to worry about when is iPhone 6s coming out because this iPhone has been released and can be bought easily.

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