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When you have a plan to buy iPhone, buying iPhone at MetroPCS may be a good choice for you. iPhone is so popular in the world. No wonder if many people search for iPhone to get high quality phone. iPhones are available in various stores, or you can also buy it through online. But, buying iPhone at MetroPCS is recommended because there are some benefits you will get.

Do I Need to Buy iPhone at MetroPCS?

Have you ever heard about MetroPCS? MetroPCS is prepaid wireless service in the US. It is part of T-Mobile US, Inc. Long time ago, MetroPCS didn’t sell iPhones. But nowadays, MetroPCS sell various types of iPhone. Not only that, MetroPCS offers some iPhone types which have lower price than other iPhone sold in other stores.


iPhone at MetroPCSBuying one of iPhones at MetroPCS will give you benefit because you can get cheap iPhone. As mentioned before, MetroPCS offers some iPhones which have lower price, such as iPhone SE that will be available for $349 ($50 less than the price of iPhone SE in other stores. Not only iPhone SE, MetroPCS also offers iPhone 5s in lower price, which is $199. It means you can get iPhone which has lower price, so you can save much money.


iPhone 6 at MetroPCS

Recommended iPhones at MetroPCS

When you want to buy an iPhone at MetroPCS, you have to choose one of iPhones that you like the most. Because there are so many types of iPhones at MetroPCS, you are better to choose one of recommended iPhones. So, you will get best iPhone for yourself. What are recommended iPhones at MetroPCS? Here is the list of it:

  • iPhone 4 32GB

Do you search for an iPhone which has good internal storage? iPhone 4 32 GB can be your choice. With 32 GB internal storage, you will be able to save so many files or data. iPhone 4 32 GB come as small iPhone because just has 3.5 inch screen. But, this iPhone has been completed with iOS 7.1 and 5MP camera. So, you can use this iPhone for various purposes.

  • iPhone 4 16 GB

It is also recommended iPhone for you. Actually, it looks same with iPhone 32 GB, but is has 16 GB for its internal storage. This iPhone has been completed with 512 RAM and iOS 9.3. Although it just has 3.5 inch screen, but the display looks so good. With 8MP camera, you will be able to create high resolution picture.

  • iPhone 5C 16GB

For you who want to have good iPhone, it is other choice for you. This iPhone has 4.0 inch screen and completed with 16 GB internal storage. Not only that, this phone comes with 1 GB RAM, so you can operate so many applications in this iPhone. 8 MP camera is also available to make you easy when you want to create best picture. iOS 7 operation system will also make this iPhone become so easy to operate. iOS 7 in this iPhone is also upgradable to iOS 9.3.

  • Apple iPhone 5 16 GB

It is also recommended iPhone for you. Although the screen is just 4.0 inch, but it will create best display that will make you happy when operating this iPhone. The screen has been protected with corning gorilla glass, so the screen will be so safe and can’t be damaged easily. With iOS 6 and 1 GB RAM, you can operate so many applications without worrying about anything. 8 MP camera also available for you who like capturing so many objects.

  • iPhone 6 16 GB

For you who want to have iPhone with large screen, it is an iPhone that can be your choice. iPhone6 16 GB comes with 4.7 inch screen.  The screen also protected by Ion-strengthened glass. With iOS 8, this iPhone will be so easy to operate. 16 GB storage will also make you able to save many files and data. 1 GB RAM will make you easy to operate so many applications.

iPhone 4 32GB at MetroPCS

Actually,there are still many recommended iPhones for you, such as iPhone SE 16GB, iPhone 6s, and many more. But, hopefully you can use the list about as your consideration and make you easy to create a decision whenever you want to buy one of iPhones at MetroPCS.

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