What Makes You Love Iphone 5s Screen Size?

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Iphone 5s screen size is the fifth generation of iPhone. This phone gives new components that have been embedded by the previous iPhone version. Iphone 5s has some weaknesses and strengths making it incredible. Iphone 5s has aluminum design having the weight of 112 gram in which it is not too heavy for those having iPhone 5s. The other great features are about its screen size.

The Support of Powerful Internal Memory

Iphone 5s supports internal memory with some kinds of memory capacity. There are three choices of internal capacity. Those are 16GB, 32 GB, and 64GB. It is getting powerful with the support of 1GB RAM so that you can do any multitasking activities smoothly. The internal memory of iphone 5s gives satisfaction to the users. It is possibly saving some kinds of files and documents in iphone 5s. It is a typical feature of iphone in which it has no available external memory slot. Don’t worry the internal memory able to keep more data and files.

The Safety System of Iphone 5s Screen Size

Same Iphone 5s Screen Size

Iphone 5s screen size is not changing. This is sometimes to be weakness. But, for those liking small phone, the screen size is very ideal to hold. Apple is always consistent to sell iphone with medium screen size though there are many competitors selling wide screen size. The screen size of iphone 5s doesn’t change in which it takes 4 inch for the screen size. The size is wider than iphone 4s. With the screen size, it is surely held easily and kept in the pocket comfortable. You don’t need to keep in bag if you want to bring.

iPhone 5s screen

TheSupport of All Networks

The links and networks of iphone 5s have supported all linking channels, 2G, 3G, and 4G. Those links enable to communicate via telephone, short message service, or internet. Your phone can adjust it based on the available signal networks. If it likely catches 2G, it takes it and vice versa. You don’t worry about the support of signal networks.

The Safety System of Iphone 5s Screen Size

Iphone 5s has primacies on the design and its screen. The design of Iphone 5s screen has safety system feature with fingerprint sensor. It is also embedded by anti scratching system. Corning Gorilla Glass and oleophobic coating are set in this iphone series. The safety and protection system keeps your iphone from unpredictable and unexpected incidents happened to that phone. It gives easiness to all things that you need.

Clear and Bright Iphone 5s Screen

Clear and Bright Iphone 5s Screen

Iphone 5s has a type of LED backlit IPS LCD type. This is also available in capacitive touch screen of 16 M colors. The iphone 5screen size is really supporting it with the size of 640 x 1136 pixels. This produces tight pixels so that it makes bright screen. With 4.0 inch screen, this iphone has a standard of reliable and compact iphone. Screen density of this iphone takes a size of 326 ppi pixel. From the density, it makes the look of 5s brighter and cleaner.

Incredible Main Camera Performance

Main camera of iphone 5s supports resolution of 8MP and all features supporting it. In the features, surely it is giving the better photography result. It has also some concerned features when you use this phone. Though a camera feature in iphone 5s is not bigger than the next generation, it has taken great and clear photos. It is supported by 1.2 MP for front camera. The performance of both cameras is incredible and fantastic. You can use front camera to communicate and do selfie. Those cameras are reliable.

Upgradable Operation System

In addition to have a good design and screen size, iphone 5s has an upgradable operation system. Iphone 5s has supported by version of iOs 7 that can be upgradable to iOs 7.1.2 and iOs 8.1. The third systems can be got and upgraded if you buy iphone 5. With upgradable system, it helps you to have the latest operation system version so that its performance is maximal and optimal. The operation system is working quickly depending to the previous generation. You may run some kinds of software in the phone. Those are some reasons why you fall in love with iphone 5s screen size.

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