How Much is an iPhone 5s Worth?

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How much is an iPhone 5s worth? If you are an owner of iPhone 5s, you may have asked this question. Yes, many people want to sell their iPhone to get the latest version of iPhone. But, a problem may appear when they have a plan to sell their iPhone. It is about price. They feel so pessimistic about the price of their iPhone. As we know that the price will be lower when we sell it to other people. How about iPhone 5s? Is it worth to be sold in 2017? Find the answer below.

how much is an iphone 5s worth uk

How to Sell iPhone 5s

Actually, iPhone 5s is worth in 2017 as long as your iPhone 5s still has good condition. There are so many reasons of why an iPhone 5s is worth. Yes, iPhone 5s has good quality. There are so many programs or application in iPhone 5s which can work in iPhone 5s. So, there are still many people who want to buy iPhone 5s. The price of your iPhone 5s will depend on the things below:

  • Condition

There is no person who wants to buy an iPhone which has bad condition. If you want to sell your iPhone 5s, make sure your iPhone 5s is still in good condition and there is no something wrong happens to your iPhone 5s. If you want to make your iPhone looks better, you can add new screen protector to prevent dull look. Not only that, you have to delete all of your privacy in your iPhone 5s. It is helpful to give the buyer satisfaction.

how much is an iphone 5s worth

  • Version

Not only condition, version of iPhone 5s also influences the price. As we know that Apple offers two versions of iphone, which are locked and unlocked version. How about your iPhone? Have you known the version of your iPhone 5s? Locked iPhone means you will not be allowed touse other carrier or SIM card. Different from locked, unlocked iPhone will make you able to use other carrier and SIM card that you like. Actually, unlocked iPhone has higher price than locked iPhone. If you don’t know the version of your iPhone, you can try other carrier. If other carrier works well in your iPhone, it means your iPhone is unlocked version and you can get higher price when selling it.

  • Battery

Used iPhone may have good condition, but the problem usually attacks battery. Yes, when we have used iPhone for long time, the battery may become weak. Some buyer will decide to buy iPhone 5s that has good battery condition. If you want to sell your iPhone 5s, make sure you sell it when the battery of iPhone 5s has good condition.

Where to Sell iPhone 5s?

If you have decided to sell your iPhone 5s, the step you have to do is choosing best place for selling your iPhone. Actually, you can sell it in famous online store such as Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Gazelle, NextWorth, and Walmart. Every store offers different price. Sometime, the carrier of your iPhone also influences the price.

how much is an iphone 5s worth in 2017

How much is an iPhone 5s worth? Amazon and Best Buy offer $92-$158 for your iPhone 5s. Compare to other stores such as Gamestop, Gazelle , Walmart and NextWorth, Amazon and Best Buy offer higher price. Other stores just offer price under $100. So, we can conclude that the best places for selling iPhone 5s are Amazon and Best Buy. You can choose one of these places to sell your iPhone 5s with high price.

As mentioned before, carrier also influences the price. If your iPhone uses AT&T or Verizon, you have a chance to sell your iPhone 5s with higher price. Why? It is because iPhone 5s with AT&T or Verizon is more expensive than iPhone 5s with T-Mobile or Sprint. But, it will not always happen. There are still many things can influence the price of your iPhone 5s. You just need to sell your iPhone 5s in the right place.

how much is an iphone 5s worth at a pawn shop

Well, those are some information about iPhone 5s and also the price of it when it is sold to buyer. You can use the information about how much is an iphone 5s worth above as your reference whenever you have a plan to buy your iPhone 5s.

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